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Aims and Objectives

There is always the striving to import holistic education which would be a comprehensive training of the mind and body. Such an enriching exercise can only be achieved on an ethical basis conducive to the good of man and glory of God. The college has always stood firm in its quest for perfect balance between western ideas and pedagogy and technology on one hand and India's own rich culture traditions on the other. The aim of which the college never loses sight in the pursuit of academic excellence and character building.


Dhola, a gateway to sundarban, geographically situated at the concourse of two sub-divisions Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip, is a densly populated area with a sizeable section of minority muslim population, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe and other backward classes. Though Dhola is situated at the centre of five administrative blocks Patharpratima, Kakdwip, Kulpi, Mandirbazar and Mathurapur, it is a backward area in all respects-socially, economically and educationally. Access to higher education is very limited in this area. Due to extreme conditions of poverty, the parents fail to send their children to far-off colleges. A good number of students after passing H.S. exam fail to get admitted to degree classes. In the context of the area's socio-economic reality particularly most of the female students cannot continue college education. Consequently, drop-outs after H.S. exam is on the rise in this area. Importantly, there are many Higher Secondary schools around Dhola. Therefore, one college needs to be established at Dhola. This need is deeply felt; and in a meeting held in one fine morning of a sunny winter day of Sunday the 5th January, 2003, in the shop of Abid Hossain and brothers at the Dhola hat, Prof. Abdullah Jamader Hasan, convenor of the meeting, gives justification for establishment of a college and its viability at Dhola. Atiar Rahaman Molla, a reputed teacher and social worker, had appreciated and supported the proposal. Among other persons, social workers like Abid Hossain Molla, Tahera Khatun, Abdul Hamid Boldia, Abdul Latif Molla were present in the meeting; and all the members were convinced that establishment of a degree college at Dhola is the crying need of the people belonging to Dhola and its vicinity. In that meeting Prof. Abdulla Jamader Hasan gave proposal for 20 bighas of land for establishment of such a college at Dhola. All the members accredited the proposal.

Initiative was taken for registration of land in two phases for the proposed Dhola Mahavidyalaya. In all together now the donated land amount was 126 sataks. 27 villagers of Dhola have donated 12 bighas and 171/4 sataks of land valuable in terms of location and price for the establishment of Dhola Mahavidyalaya. Among the donors, the names of Jassimuddin Halder and Salauddin Mir are worthy of mentioning. Fariton Bibi, wife of Late Saharam Ali Molla is equally praiseworthy.

The proposal for establishment of Dhola Mahvidyalaya are submitted to concerned authorities on 29.01.2007. On 26.0.2008 an inspecting team comprising Dr. Jibendu kumar Roy, joint secretary and Ms. Papia Banerjee, education officer, of the West Bengal State Council of Higher Education, have inspected the site and have been highly convinced that a college should be established at Dhola. On behalf of the organising committee Sri Kanti Ganguly, requested for Govt. Approval of the college for always he championed the view for establishment of Dhola Mahavidyalaya. On 16.12.2008 a meeting of the organising committee was held and Sri Kanti Ganguly was unanimously elected president of the organising committee. The college gets approved by the Govt. Of West Bengal on 27.02.2009. Sri Kanti Ganguly , granted a big deal of money for the construction of the building of Dhola Mahavidyalaya. Last but not the least, in the history of Dhola Mahavidyalaya, Prof. Abdulla Jamader Hasan will be remembered with great respect and reverence as its founder.


The college got affiliated to University of Calcutta in 2009 for B.A. general degree course in Bengali, English, History and Geography in 2010. In the same year extension of affiliation was granted in philosophy and Geography as general subjects. The college got extension of affiliation in Arabic from 2013-14 session.