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It is an apolitical statutory body providing a platform fostering the educational ambience of the college. Every student on admission to college automatically becomes a member of the union. The student's union provides an environment for free exchange of ideas and a platform for voicing their concerns regarding academic methods.

The aim of the student's union is to assist principal to maintain and promote the academic ambience of the college and help the college, in particular, in the management of extra academic activities like publication of college magazines, organising college sports, social and cultural discourse of the institute, prize etc. student's union encourages students' active participation in debate, drama, social services like relief work, humanitarian work and celebrating national ceremonies etc. Student's union is an important part of the college and volunteers active service during admission process. Student's union functions through members of its executive committee who are democratically elected by students from different classes an the committee acts as a channel of communication between students and administration.