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Dhola Mahavaidyaylaya came into being as the manifestation of dreams and aspirations of the entire population of a region, constantly struggling against severe challenges towards promoting a healthy and self-sufficient system of learning. A little less than a decade since, the college has remarkable progress, but each achievement has opened up further numerous challenges that the college is striving to meet.
We firmly believe in the ability of our students to leave a permanent impression on the minds of whoever they come in touch with and wherever they go. We look to nurture their talents and abilities, to bring them out of shells of isolation and lack of confidence and help them express themselves in whatever they may be good at.
The college has been able to create a space for young learners aspiring to grow and make their families and society proud. For the last 4 years of its journey, it has its own building. In the last calendar year, the college has converted a space into a smart-classroom. System has been created for the students to get pure drinking water at all times.
The teachers do not confine themselves to academic activities like teaching and evaluating scripts but willfully play an active role in non-academic activities to ensure smooth and swift running of the college. They recognize the need to put in the extra amount of effort to help improve the college and try their best to utilize time and energy for the sake of the college.
We aspire to further develop our building—the paucity of classrooms is a serious lack. We are exploring possibilities of recruiting more teachers, improving our library and lab facilities. We aim to create more space for our students through a room for the college’s student body.
Nothing but a selfless cooperative coordination among the teachers, non-teaching staff, students as well as their parents and guardians shall be enough to meet and conquer the challenges that the college is facing.

Dr Manabi Bandyopadhyay