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Regulations for admission to the 3 year course B.A. Hons, General and Major and B.Mus Hons and General

Admission Qualification

1. A candidate may be admitted to the first year of three year B.A (Hons/Gen/Major) courses of studies on passing H.S. examination in general or vocational stream conducted by West Bengal Council of Higher Education or an equivalent examination conducted by West Bengal board/council, or Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya or National Open School recognized by the Distant Learning Council subject to the fulfilment of the conditions mentioned below -
In case of other Board/Council, a candidate shall have to pass in five recognized subjects of full marks not being less than 100 each of which one shall be English. A candidate passing in four subjects shall not be eligible to such admission to the course.
Marks obtained in top five subjects shall be considered to ascertain the aggregate marks of a candidate passing the examination under grade system. Also for candidates passing the H.S. exam from the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education under old system, marks obtained in top five subjects shall be considered to determine the aggregate marks.
Marks obtained in Environmental Studies as a compulsory subject at the H.S exam conducted by W.B.C.H.S.E or its equivalent shall not be taken account for calculating the aggregate marks in top five subjects for the purpose of admission at the degree course of studies under this University.
Students of the H.S. level passing out from the All India Boards/Councils (i.e. C.B.S.E., I.S.C. and National Institute of Open Schooling) need not require to submit the Migration certificate for getting registration under this University.

2. No candidate shall be allowed for admission after a lapse of more than 3 years from the year of passing H.S. examination or discontinuation of recognized regular courses of study after passing the previous qualifying exam.
Explanation : The year of admission will not be taken into account while calculating 3 years from of passing the previous qualifying examination.

3. A candidate taking up Hons. course in a subject must obtain : i. A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying exam (in case of B.Mus Hons. 45% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the subject Music in the pre-qualifying exam) vide notification no- CSR/37.06, dated 21.08.2006.


ii. 55% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying exam (in case of B.Mus Hons. 50% marks in the subject at the pre-qualifying exam)


iii. 50% marks in aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject in his/her previous qualifying examination provided all the other clauses are satisfied. Admission will be made on the basis of test by the college authority for the purpose. However candidates belonging to the SC or ST community taking up Hons. course of study must have obtained a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate or 40% marks in the subject or related subjects at the previous qualifying exam, as the case ay be.

4. For the B.A. (Hons. Gen. Major) courses of studies, a candidate is required to choose his/her Hons. and two/three elective subjects, as the case may be, from among Group I to VIII by taking not more than one subject form any of the groups mentioned hereunder.
A candidate taking up Hons. in B.A. degree course shall study: i) Hons in any one subject of the Bengali, English, History and Geography and any other two subjects in the general courses. ii) Language : a) compulsory English and b) one major Indian language Bengali. iii) Environmental Studies.